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Guadalajara's Premier Coliving Hotel Experience

About NORA

Welcome to Nora Hotel and Coliving, where modern comforts meet community living. Experience the best of both worlds in our innovative hybrid space. Enjoy your stay with uss!

The Amenities

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Ascend to our hotel's rooftop oasis, offering panoramic city views, lush greenery, cozy seating, and a serene ambiance for unforgettable moments.

The Rooftop

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Indulge in our Relax Nest, a tranquil haven nestled within our hotel, featuring plush seating, soft lighting, and soothing ambiance for ultimate relaxation

Chilling Areas

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Step into our dynamic coworking spaces, designed for productivity and collaboration. Enjoy modern amenities, ergonomic seating, and an inspiring atmosphere for your professional endeavors.

Cowork Spaces

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Experience fitness simplicity in our basic gym room. With essential equipment and a no-frills approach, it's your space to sweat, strengthen, and reach your goals.

Wellness Room

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Convenience meets cleanliness in our hotel's laundry facility. Wash, dry, and refresh your wardrobe with ease, ensuring a seamless stay from start to finish.

Laundry Service

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At Nora, we foster a sense of community through shared spaces and engaging events, bringing guests together for memorable experiences and meaningful connections.

Our Community
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Our Rooms
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Experience the comfort of our Twin Room, featuring two cozy beds, modern amenities, and a welcoming ambiance for a restful stay.

From $690 mxn

Twin Room

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All our rooms come equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, Smart TVs, and a functional desk complete with an Ethernet connection, ensuring comfort and connectivity for all guests.

From $790 mxn

Double Room


Relax on our Rooftop with stunning views, cocktails, and snacks.


Ensure timely rent collection from tenants using our calendar interface, featuring customizable status updates to stay on top of payments.

Co Work Spaces

Effectively manage your rental income and expenses per room, providing precise insights into your monthly profit margins.

Coliving Concept

Link your rooms to your AIRBNB account, enabling seamless short-term rentals whenever they're vacant.


Why People Love Nora Hotel

"Nora's vibrant community vibe made my stay feel like home away from home. The coliving concept fosters connections unlike any other."

Andrea P.

28, Guadalajara

"From the breathtaking rooftop views to the cozy Relax Nest, Nora Hotel combines luxury with comfort seamlessly."

Zachi Bloom

25, Antwerp

"I appreciated Nora's attention to detail, even in the basics like the gym and laundry. It's the little things that make all the difference in a hotel experience."

Adam Barne

33, Houston

Tequila Tour
Daily Departures


Our Tours

A Glimpse into Local Culture

"Nora Hotel offers a unique stay where guests can immerse themselves in traditional neighborhood culture and explore local markets firsthand. Experience authentic interactions, cultural events, and a deeper connection with the community's history."

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